Archived Webinar: A Social Science Perspective on Data Science

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In this archived webinar, Claudia von Vacano and Geoff Bacon, both at the University of California, Berkeley D-Lab and both instructors for SAGE Campus’s “Introduction to Data Science for Social Scientists” course discuss why data science is important to the social sciences, and what social scientists add to this vibrant conversation in the webinar.
This webinar includes:
• A conversation around why social scientists are using computational methods
• An outline of what the SAGE Campus course will cover
• A demonstration of Jupyter notebooks
• Questions from the audience

Von Vacano is the executive director of the D-Lab and the Digital Humanities at the University of California, Berkeley, and is on the board of the Social Science Matrix. She has a master’s degree from Stanford University in Learning, Design, and Technology and a doctorate in Policy, Organizations, Measurement, and Evaluation from UC Berkeley. Claudia’s scholarly work and service have been recognized by the Phi Beta Kappa Society, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation, and the Thomas J. Watson Foundation, among others.

Bacon is a PhD student in the Language and Cognition Lab and Graduate Student Researchers at the D-Lab. His research focuses on two questions: why languages look the way they do and how people learn to express temporal semantics. To study these, he uses probabilistic models of language, including Bayesian and neural network models, which he programs in Python. As an undergrad Bacon studied linguistics, classics and Arabic.


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