Archived Webinar: Teaching Data Science

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This webinar, “Teaching Data Science: Core Learning Outcomes and Topics for an Introductory Course,” is an overview of data science, with special focus on the tools and skills necessary to teach and do the key components of data science (such as data cleaning, visualization, and machine learning).This webinar is of value for faculty who teach, or want to teach, an introductory data science course, as well as those who want to incorporate data science concepts into other courses. The presentation is followed by an audience question and answer session with authors Jeffrey Stanton and Jeffrey Saltz from Syracuse University. The pair are the authors of the new SAGE Publishing book, An Introduction to Data Science.

Saltz is an associate professor at Syracuse University, in the School of Information Studies. His research and teaching focus on helping organizations leverage information technology and data for competitive advantage, with his current research focusing on the socio-technical aspects of data science projects, such as how to coordinate and manage data science teams. Prior to becoming a professor, Saltz spent more than 20 years in private industry with such firms as JPP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs and Digital Equipment Corporation.

Stanton is associate provost of academic affairs and professor of information studies at Syracuse. His research focuses on organizational behavior and technology and he is the author of Information Nation: Educating the Next Generation of Information Professionals with Indira Guzman and Kathryn Stam. Stanton’s methodological expertise is in psychometrics with published works on the measurement of job satisfaction and job stress.

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