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May logo- Finding Data in Documents and Datasets

In May we are focusing on Finding Data in Documents and Datasets. You will find the unfolding series through this link. Explore the whole 2021 series on stages of the research process: Finding the Question,  Choosing Methodology and MethodsDesigning an Ethical Study, and  Collecting Data from & with Participants.

In a recent interview with Archivist Elaine Engst, we discussed some of the opportunities and challenges of archival research. We looked at two contrasting catalog descriptions. One simply listed “correspondence,” meaning you would need to go to the Cornell library and sift through the boxes to find what you need, and another included descriptions of the letters and links to digital versions. While studying the original sources is necessary when investigating figures whose work was not widely recognized or locally-relevant events, it is not always possible to travel to distant locations where the desired materials are housed. In this post, we will explore another type of research destination: an all-digital archive that puts together primary sources from different repositories around the world.

Visit the Collection on Socialism on Film: The Cold War and International Propaganda

Today we have many concerns about disinformation and so-called alternative facts. Researchers who are concerned about such issues might benefit from studying similar situations. This Adam Matthew collection would be quite relevant!

Adam Matthew has opened up Socialism On Film: The Cold War and International Propaganda for MethodSpace readers interested in this topic, or in learning more about digital archives. It includes 3 study modules, case studies, video interviews, maps, guides, timelines and essays, in addition to rare films.

“This is the largest film collection of its kind to survive in Western Europe. The films have been conserved, digitised from the original 16mm and 35mm reels, and are fully transcribed and searchable..”

Some of the films, unlisted on YouTube, include:

Enter the following credentials to access Socialism on Film.

  • Username: MethodSpace
  • Password: s6f8gdFA

Adam Matthew is available on a subscription basis, so check the list of databases in your academic library to see whether it is available. You can also request a four-week free trial, if you are looking for source materials for your literature review or a presentation. Subscribe to the blog for excerpts and discussions that highlight various collections.

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