Beginners Guide to R

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SAGE Campus has released an official beginner’s guide to start learning R and all it has to offer. If you are interested in using R and are not sure where to get started, this free guide is for you. R programming language is widely accessible language that can connect to other languages and can run on almost every type of hardware. Its wide use in the programming world is the reason an interest in learning R has increased in the last few years.

The guide is instructed by Dr. Andreea Moldovan, an interdisciplinary researcher with a background in social research and survey methodology from the University of Essex in the UK. Her expertise in R come from her research and her work with large nonprofits:

This guide includes carefully chosen topics that are perfect for people who have no experience of R. Each topic is intended as a taster to introduce you to R, the terminology, and to share useful resources to aid your further adventures with R. We hope this guide is a great starting point for you to learn about R!

The guide is free and there are no prerequisites. Sign up today at SAGE campus to get started. SAGE Campus offers a variety of courses on the use of R and is offering a 25 percent discount on their next course in September when you download the guide above.

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