Best practice in licensing and governance for research data, 01/08/2017, University of Essex

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In this hands-on one-day course you will be introduced to best practices in licensing and governance models for research data. The day is run by data practitioners, thus the focus in on practical and efficient ways to get data assets for research through the pipeline from data creator to user. Ethical and legal issues will be covered so far as they apply to data, with real life examples from data collections available via the UK Data Service. We address a variety of data sources from academic data to bigger data sources from public and civil society bodies, and commercial organisations.
The course will showcase the approach used by the UK Data Archive that enables this: our Data Access Policy and the Five Safes framework – enabling a data publisher to provide access to data across a spectrum, from open through safeguarded to controlled access. The philosophy we promote is to make data open where possible and closed where necessary.
Participants will work in groups with hands on exercises including lightweight quizzes and scenario planning. We encourage participants to come prepared with a dataset in mind, so that the experience of the day can be applied to this. This will be used in the final session to work up a plan for optimal data access that meets relevant ethical and legal restrictions. This course is part of the IADS Big Data and Analytics Summer School.

Level: Introductory

Experience/knowledge required: A background in managing data assets in any organisation is useful, as is an awareness of data integrity and data protection. Technical experience is not needed

Target audience: Aimed at experienced researchers, statisticians, or data managers


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