Beyond Community Engagement: Centering Research through Indigenous Epistemologies and Peoplehood

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As part of our February focus on Indigenous and Intercultural Research, we are offering a series of articles from SAGE Journals. These articles are available for open access download until March 15. Access is only available through the link posted on MethodSpace.

Beyond community engagement: centering research through Indigenous epistemologies and peoplehood was published in the SAGE Journal, AlterNative. This interdisciplinary scholarly journal is dedicated to publishing research on Indigenous worldviews and experiences of decolonization from Indigenous perspectives from around the world, and thinking and practice in Indigenous scholarship.

Sumida Huaman & Mataira (2019) compared and contrasted action research and other participatory methods with Indigenous methodologies.

Essential questions for community-engaged scholars and researchers looking toward Indigenous research will then include the following—first, are communities the drivers in transparent research approaches that are transformative and beyond democratic—for example, Indigenous thought-based? Second, scholars must be prepared to answer what they have and will “put back” into the community and for how long. Furthermore, community-engaged scholarship cannot “pick and choose” which elements of Indigenous research fit with pre-existing institutionally based or individual scholar agendas, study scopes, feasibility, or budgets, which is why starting from Indigenous research is a more comprehensive vantage point.
(Sumida Huaman & Mataira, 2019, p. 282)

To really make a difference in the ways we think about Indigenous research, the authors suggest that it will be essential to reconceptualize ethics, research relationships, and researcher integrity. Read the full article here.

Sumida Huaman, E., & Mataira, P. (2019). Beyond community engagement: centering research through Indigenous epistemologies and peoplehood. AlterNative: An International Journal of Indigenous Peoples, 15(3), 281–286.

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