Big Data and Social Research Roundup No. 9

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In this edition of SAGE Publishing’s monthly newsletter for computational social scientists, the issue takes a page from MethodSpace itself and looks at how social network analysis is changing in a big data era in a recent interview with Song Yang, lead author of the new text Social Network Analysis: Methods and Examples. In addition to discussing the strengths and weaknesses of SNA, and the struggles students face when learning its methodology, Yang predicts that the future of social network analysis lies in big data: “It is too big a hole to be overlooked by social scientists.”

Librarians who work in the social sciences are also finding themselves in the world of big data, with students and faculty seeking new kinds of support. In her archived talk Big Data and Stats: What’s the Difference?, librarian Hailey Mooney breaks down the terms surrounding big data and lays the groundwork for understanding data research and resources. Mooney’s talk at the Association of College & Research Libraries was SAGE’s first Facebook Live event; watch the archived feed here.

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