Call for Papers for a Special Issue on COVID-19 and Novel Mixed Methods

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Mixed and multimethods research are our focus for May. This tag will take you to the series as it unfolds.

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for mixed methods research across virtually all disciplines and at all levels of social institutions has never been clearer. Moreover, the complexity of the research triggered by the current pandemic just over a century after the last pandemic of this magnitude in 1918, the “Spanish Flu” (Trilla et al., 2008), is precipitating unprecedented and creative research approaches for responding to the crisis. Similarly, researchers of all disciplines need the latest research approaches to investigate the implications of this world catastrophe. In this face of adversity lies opportunities for all walks of researchers to leverage the power of mixed methods research.1 The world’s researchers need new applications of existing methodologies and the creation of novel research methodologies to address a host of challenges in the healing sciences, education, business, health policy, political science, and the arts, humanities, and social sciences more broadly. Researchers who have developed novel methodologies in their investigation of other catastrophic social changes may have particular insights that are applicable now. The purpose of the Special Issue on COVID-19 and Novel Mixed Methods Methodology in Catastrophic Social Changes (abbreviated as “Special Issue” in the following) is to disseminate rapidly for use the novel applications and innovative mixed methods methodologies that could inform or have been triggered by the pandemic.

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