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Listen & Learn: Higher Ed Podcasts

Podcasts are becoming a popular way that academics communicate ideas. Laura Pasquini, veteran podcaster and blogger at techKnowtools, has been studying the usage of podcasts in higher education. She observed that thanks to easy availability of tools to create podcasts and platforms where they can be distributed, we have innovative colleagues willing to share about […]

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Archived Webinar: A Practical Approach to Applied Conversation Analysis

In this archived webinar — “A Practical Approach to Applied Conversation Analysis” — held on September 7, 2018, Jessica Lester and Michelle O’Reilly address the definition and uses of conversation analysis, which they define as a qualitative methodology focused on talk-in-interaction, and specifically on the sequential order of who talks. Usually, this involves analyzing everyday […]

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Podcast: Gary King on Big Data Analysis

It’s said that in the last two years, more data has been created than all the data that ever was created before that time. And that in two years hence, we’ll be able to say the same thing. Gary King, the head of the Institute for Quantitative Social Science at Harvard University, isn’t certain those […]

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This MLK Day Go Beyond the Soundbite

We’ve heard the powerful excerpts, but when we celebrate Martin Luther King Day today in the United States, perhaps we can use our scholarly skills to uncover a bit more about the cultural, social, and political context of his work. As researchers, we are accustomed to digging below the surface, looking for clues we can piece […]

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Listening to the Sounds of Research

Qualitative researchers listen to stories and turn them into data. Sometimes we take notes during interviews, focus groups, or observations— setting down spoken answers as written words. Other times we record our data collection, then carefully transcribe what we’ve heard. Whether listening in the moment or reviewing an audio file, we must find ways to […]

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