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Africa Can Lead, Not Lag, in Data Science

The term “data science” was coined by scientists working at the social networks LinkedIn and Facebook in 2008. A few years later, they dubbed it “the sexiest profession of the 21st century.” This relatively new, interdisciplinary field is a blend of statistics, computer science, mathematics, engineering and subject matter knowledge. In fact, any and all […]

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Literacy More than Ethics Missing in Data Science

I swear by Hypatia, by Lovelace, by Turing, by Fisher (and/or Bayes), and by all the statisticians and data scientists, making them my witnesses, that I will carry out, according to my ability and judgement, this oath and this indenture. Could this be the first line of a “Hippocratic Oath” for mathematicians and data scientists? […]

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The Shutdown is Over, But the Data Loss Reverberates

The U.S. government shutdown may be over – for now – but its consequences will linger on. One of those concerns is the dizzying amount of economic data the federal government collects on everything from the state of the economy and investment to the cost of college and the quality of nursing homes. During the […]

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Big Data Often Flips Scientific Method on Its Head. That’s Bad

There’s an increasing concern among scholars that, in many areas of science, famous published results tend to be impossible to reproduce. This crisis can be severe. For example, in 2011, Bayer HealthCare reviewed 67 in-house projects and found that they could replicate less than 25 percent. Furthermore, over two-thirds of the projects had major inconsistencies. […]

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Computation and Context Are Not a Zero-Sum Game

I recently got jazzed about two findings coming out of the world of computational social science, primarily because they hit so close to my home (hello, junior faculty feeling the pressure to produce): Dashun Wang looked at the career trajectories of 30,000 artists across multiple types of field: art, film, and science. He found that […]

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Why Teach Ethnography to Managers (in Big Data Era)?

In management circles and beyond, companies are rushing to integrate, adapt and exploit big data in their organisations. Moreover, they are willing to recruit nearly anyone with a mention of “big data” or “artificial intelligence” in their resumes. There are nonstop consultant talks and crowded workshops on big data, and academic journals are rushing out […]

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Ways Big Data Can Improve Nonprofit Performance

Nonprofits have admirable goals and values, and they’re treated accordingly for the purpose of taxes. Although they may not be operating to make a profit, nonprofits still need to be run like any for-profit business in order to be successful and to achieve their altruistic goals. (Text continues after graphic) Rutgers Online Big data has […]

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Artificial Intelligence and Cancer: Have We Found the Cure?

Artificial intelligence, or AI, has become a hot topic in countless industries. Whether it’s using AI to predict consumer habits and grow the economy, teach new languages, or streamline healthcare systems, the potential is endless for how machine learning can be applied to human life. AI can be used in many facets of the healthcare […]

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APS Panel: Connecting Behavioral Scientists and Tech

The beneficial symbiosis between behavioral scientists and digital technologists came a cropper earlier this year when the Cambridge Analytica scandal highlighted the fraught relationship that can arise when ethical concerns are overlooked or ignored. And yet the explosion of data comping from corporate sources (35 zettabytes are expected by 2010) and the burgeoning numbers of […]

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