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Research and Academic Podcasting

It is Academic Writing Month at SAGE MethodSpace, and in 2018 we are looking at ways researchers develop a holistic publication strategy.  Sometimes we need to do more than write in order to reach our target audiences. An increasingly popular way to get our words out is through podcasts. To learn more about how researchers and academic writers […]

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Thinking about a journal article? Tips from an editor.

It is Academic Writing Month at SAGE MethodSpace, and in 2018 we are looking at ways researchers develop a holistic publication strategy. Peer-reviewed articles in scholarly journals are central to many academics’ publication strategies because they are typically required for tenure and promotion. Because they are so important, writers face steep competition for getting articles published. I asked Todd Bridgman, […]

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Write with Purpose, Publish for Impact

Think about the messages you want to convey with your published writings. Publications can help open new doors and build new networks— so it is important to think about which doors and networks you hope to discover. This collection, originally posted on SAGE MethodSpace and the Textbook and Academic Authors Association blog Abstract, can help you reflect on the best options and move forward.

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How to Construct a Stem-and-Leaf Display

“Statistical Analysis“, by Jerome Frieman, intermediate/advanced statistics text, uses real research on antisocial behaviors, such as cyber-bullying, stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination, to help readers across the social and behavioral sciences understand the underlying theory behind statistical methods. By presenting examples and principles of statistics within the context of these timely issues, the text shows how the results of analyses can be used to answer research questions.

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Writing Strategies and Ethical Considerations

Writing the Proposal Arguments Presented in a Proposal It is helpful to consider early in planning the study the major points that need to be addressed in a proposal. These points—or topics—all need to be interconnected to provide a cohesive picture of the entire project. For us, these topics seem to span all proposals, whether […]

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What Type of Information Must Be Included in an Informed Consent Form?

he federal research regulations (45 C.F.R. § 46.116 (a)(5)(i)) stipulate that consent forms must first concisely describe key information about the study that prospective participants will likely want to know to make an informed decision about participation before providing more detailed information about the research. The federal research regulations (45 C.F.R. § 46.116 (b)) also list the required information to […]

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Strategizing Data Access, Storage and Management

Once you have received information about and contacted prospective participants, your attention turns to how to deal with the confidential and personal information that you have on record.  Specifically, you need to address questions about who has access to data, how you store data, and how you manage stored data files.  As a general rule, […]

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How Do I Arrange the Sections of the Whole Report?

Stephanie Evergreen will be the guest of a Twitter chat ‘ask me anything [about data viz]’ on Wednesday, November 14th at 1 p.m. Eastern/10 a.m. PST. Submit a question using the hashtag #sageXevergreen . It’s time to zoom out of the layout of a single page or poster or slide and starting thinking about how we […]

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Collaborating With Peers to Advance Qualitative Dissertation Methodology

In addition to coursework, the work that students do outside of class can relate directly to dissertation research.  In fact, a range of options may be available to students on and off campus to support dissertation work, including: Funded or sponsored faculty research generally supports graduate student dissertation research. Where faculty serve as a principal […]

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