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Surveys vs. Polls

Collecting, analyzing, and reporting with data can be daunting. The person that SAGE Publishing — the parent of MethodSpace — turns to when it has questions is Diana Aleman – editor extraordinaire for SAGE Stats and U.S. Political Stats. And now she is bringing her trials, tribulations, and expertise with data to you in this […]

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Making Sense of The Knowledge Explosion with Knowledge Mapping

Two years ago, when Bernadette Wright and Steve Wallis were working on their book, Practical Mapping for Applied Research and Evaluation, they contributed this guest post to introduce a Knowledge Mapping approach. There has been a vast explosion in the number of academic publications – journals, articles, posts, and books of all kinds. So much […]

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Social Scientists Connect with LinkedIn Data

Back in 2012, when LinkedIn was close to the 200 million users mark, a young but very computational (and quite resourceful) assistant professor, hustled through his contacts and somehow managed to get access to the trove of LinkedIn data. Prasanna Tambe—at the NYU Stern School of Business at the time—was not the first to use […]

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Learn from Research Cases: Coordinating a Mixed Methods Study

Five SAGE Research Cases were featured in a series of posts on the topic of collaboration. We used the selected cases to explore various ways researchers and academic writers work together. In a new series of posts we will go back to these cases and look at the research designs and approaches used to conduct each respective […]

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Building a Social Network in the Field

Practical Considerations to Facilitate Data Collection Perhaps no other dimension of qualitative research work is associated with ambiguity, uncertainty, confusion, and complexity more than fieldwork.  One way to regulate these issues—to support more predictable experiences in the course of a study—is to strengthen relationships associated with events in the field.  On one side, faculty and […]

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