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Studying Online Communities: Ethics & Virtual Ethnography

Collaboration is a MethodSpace focus for December. We will look at the various types of collaboration that engage researchers and academic writers.  Online communities offer opportunities to study ways people communicate and collaborate. Researchers have a number of logistical and ethical challenges to address when planning such studies. Considerations vary depending on whether the community […]

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Video: Key Skills in Writing a Qualitative Research Proposal

“No matter what your research goal, all research proposals present three common elements,” says qualitative methodology professor Nathan Durdella in the video segment below. “These are the introduction, the background or literature review, and the approach or methodology.” Durdella is an associate professor at California State University Northridge where he teaches graduate-level courses in action […]

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Video: Running Focus Groups

Focus groups are a form of qualitative research in which the researcher generates the data through an open, but directed, discussion with a small group of participants. In this video – which you can watch for free by clicking here —  qualitative researcher Carol McNaughton Nicholls discusses but the behind-the-scenes aspects of running a focus […]

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Webinar See Share Create Visual E-Interviews

May 12 17:00/1 pm EDT Must interview questions be asked and answered with words? Learn to use videoconferencing, web conferencing and other communication technologies for elicitation techniques with graphics, photos & media and collaborative methods to generate visual data within the online interview. More information, discussion and resources here: No registration, just log in […]

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Two new videos on creative interviewing by Jennifer Mason

“Creative” interviews are a form of interview that is qualitative, flexible, loosely or semi-structured (non-standardised) and involves the construction of data and knowledge through processes that can be seen as ‘creative’ in some way. We have two new resources on this topic: In this clip, Jennifer talks about creative interviewing: what it is; how to […]

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