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Starter Tips on Sharing Data and Analysis Scripts

Researchers are increasingly encouraged to make their data openly accessible and usable for others but to early-career researchers in particular, this can seem daunting.  Katherine Wood has compiled a short open data starter guide to make the process less overwhelming and help researchers do their bit for reproducibility.

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Understanding Different Census Geography Types

I received an excellent question on my previous blog post about the American Community Survey (ACS): Does the ACS, or Census Bureau more generally, provide statistics by urban area? The answer to that is a big fat YES. There are actually several different geography types that are specifically used to analyze urban areas and their […]

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American Community Survey: Demographic Characteristics at Your Fingertips

The U.S. Census Bureau is anyone’s go-to source when it comes to national and local U.S. statistics. It has anything and everything you can think of about the U.S. population. What U.S. county has the greatest number of people claiming Nepali ancestry? What is the average mortgage payment in my ZIP code? What is the average travel […]

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A ‘How-To’ on Data Wrangling

Katherine Wood, a graduate student in the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Psychology Department and advocate for open science, walks through a basic overview of how to overcome and accomplish some operations commonly encountered when initially getting a data set. “By generating the data yourself” she says, “you can make your life easier by saving it in the format you want.” She explains step by step multiple ways to accomplish this and highlights packages that will make things easier for anyone with similar issues.

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Archived Webinar: Tips for Student Success With Data

“I’ve found,” says Diana Aleman, assistant editor of SAGE Stats and MethodSpace blogger, “that students are consistently being called upon to pull data and/or statistics into their projects all the time. … Students are having a lot of trouble using the data sets that they’ve found and using them effectively in their projects or in […]

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The Three Stages of Data Analysis: Evaluating Raw Data

Starting a large-scale research project? Head to SAGE Research Method’s Project Planner for more guidance! The basics A friend I haven’t seen in a while asked me what I do for a living, and I talked about SAGE Stats and the work that goes into maintaining and building the collection. Instead of his eyes glazing […]

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Big Data and Social Research Roundup No. 11

Is big data always better data? This question kicked off a live twitter Q&A with Anabel Quan-Haase and Luke Sloan spotlighted in this latest issue of SAGE’s monthly big data newsletter. In addition to discussing the limitations of big data, the pair discuss the practicalities of research, such as the skillsets and tools required for conducting […]

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Archived Webinar: Presenting Data Effectively

Crystal clear graphs, slides, and reports are valuable – they save an audience’s mental energies, keep a reader engaged, and make you look smart. This webinar held on June 6, 2017, covers the science behind presenting data effectively and will leave viewers with direct, pointed changes that can be immediately administered to significantly increase impact. […]

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Encounters with big data: An introduction to using big data in the social sciences, University of Essex, 31/07/2017

This 5-day course run by the UK Data Service will introduce key concepts and discussions around using big data in the social sciences, and introduce attendees to Apache Hadoop, an open source framework for analysing big data. This course will focus on quantitative data and will not cover in any detail text, social media, audio or other forms of non-numeric data. This course […]

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Encouraging Authors to Share Their Data with Reviewers for ‘Psychological Science’

The journal Psychological Science is taking steps to encourage would-be authors to give reviewers easy access to the data underlying the analyses reported in their manuscripts. This is part of a wider effort to promote transparency and replicability in works published in the journal. I discussed the rationale for encouraging authors to share data and […]

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