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Passion about Research Process (not output!)

My hand trembled with nervousness and anticipation. It was the start of my student research project. My supervisor had talked me through how “by doing X we will learn more about Y” and I was excited to get started.

A decade later when I talk to my own students I sometimes catch myself using another way to frame our work: “if we do X, and it ‘works’, then perhaps we can get into prestigious journal Y”. This is poison for an inquiring mind…

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What (social) Factors Make For an Innovative Researcher?

One might ask why researchers go to the effort of undertaking unconventional, path-breaking work? What makes some scientists more likely to engage in research that breaks from tradition, despite the risks? In our recent study, we considered two possible explanations. First, we thought that scholars affiliated with high-status demographic…

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Researchers’ Roles: Studies and Recommendations

The focus for January is on researchers’ roles, including characteristics and skills critical to success. Read the whole series here. Researchers work within numerous disciplines and use varied methodologies and methods to study problems large and small. While there are many considerations for our specific fields of study, we also have common responsibilities when we take […]

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