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New Resource: “Doing Fieldwork In A Pandemic”

Initiated by Deborah Lupton, this crowdsourced document provides necessary information and key resources for researchers struggling to conduct traditional face-to-face research under new circumstances. Check out: “Doing Fieldwork In A Pandemic.”

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Surveys vs. Polls

Collecting, analyzing, and reporting with data can be daunting. The person that SAGE Publishing — the parent of MethodSpace — turns to when it has questions is Diana Aleman – editor extraordinaire for SAGE Stats and U.S. Political Stats. And now she is bringing her trials, tribulations, and expertise with data to you in this […]

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The Tedium of Transcription: Who’s Codifying the Process?

Transcribing can be a pain, and although recent progress in speech recognition software has helped, it remains a challenge. Speech recognition programs, do, however, raise ethical/consent issues: what if person-identifiable interview data is transcribed or read by someone who was not given the consent to do so? Furthermore, some conversational elements aren’t transcribed well by pattern recognition programs. What, or who, is really transforming the transcription process, then? What’s next for transcription?

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Qualitative Research & Policy Studies: Articles

Qualitative Approaches to Policy Research in Education: Contesting the Evidence-Based, Neoliberal Regime (Kerrigan & Johnson, 2018) Abstract: This issue highlights problems with the neoliberal research regime in education policy—one that marginalizes, homogenizes, and dismisses communities, critical voices, and methodologies that could improve educational practice. We argue for greater methodological diversity in policy studies when engaging […]

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Qualitative Research & Policy Studies: Interview with Editors

JS. In the introduction to this special issue, you state: “These political and discursive interventions in education, however, are not solely to blame for the dismissal of qualitative inquiry. Some of this blame must be apportioned to researchers themselves.” Can you make suggestions for researchers who want to conduct qualitative or mixed methods research, but fear […]

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