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Stop Filling Gaps in Research, Start Innovating and Imagining

Despite, or probably due to, the increasing importance of (top-tier) publications — think of “publish or perish”, RAE/REF — published articles (including in top-tier journals) increasingly have an incremental contribution at the cost of more imaginative and innovative ideas. In this post, I will discuss this important problem and address the question asked by Mats Alvesson and Jörgen Sandberg in a forthcoming article, ‘has management studies lost its way?’

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Free Webinar, March 10th: “Sociology in Action”

Date: Tue, Mar 10, 2020. Click here to register now! Time: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM PDT Bestselling authors Kathleen Odell Korgen and Maxine P. Atkinson offer techniques for helping your students make connections between sociological tools and job skills through an active learning approach. You will be given real-world activities to try with your […]

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Love & Research: A Valentine’s Day Reading List on SRM

Curating and sharing lists of sources on your favorite topic is one of the ways to use the SAGE Research Methods Reading List feature. Just for fun, here is a Valentines Day list on research & love. Share what YOU love! Once you have created a Reading List (see these how-to steps), you will see it […]

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Want to Generate Impact? Get Creative.

… For researchers, this matters more than one thinks because funders are increasingly looking for a real return on their research dollars, euros and pounds. For example, the Ford Foundation, the second largest in the US, expects grantees to “achieve the greatest possible impact”; EU Horizon 2020 Proof of Concept grant applicants must outline the economic and/or societal impact expected from the project; and the UK’s REF, in assessing applications, gives a 25 percent weighting to the ‘reach and significance’ of impact. But what is impact and how can you generate it?

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How do Scholar-Practitioners Manage Boundaries Between Theory and Practice?

In many fields across the social, natural, formal, and applied sciences, the relationship between theory and practice has been a matter of great debate. An increasing number of contributions either lament the “gaps” between academic research and societal practice or use tools to demonstrate the “bridges” between them. This tendency has shaped a debate that runs in circles, and lacks…

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