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Social Media Data Often Fails in Gauging Public Opinion

We often consider social media as a tool which, among other things, gives us direct insight to the views and positions of voters. But blind spots are plentiful. Joseph Cabosky discusses multiple reasons why social media data can often fail in gauging public opinion.

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Qualitative Research & Policy Studies: Articles

Qualitative Approaches to Policy Research in Education: Contesting the Evidence-Based, Neoliberal Regime (Kerrigan & Johnson, 2018) Abstract: This issue highlights problems with the neoliberal research regime in education policy—one that marginalizes, homogenizes, and dismisses communities, critical voices, and methodologies that could improve educational practice. We argue for greater methodological diversity in policy studies when engaging […]

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Creative & Arts-Based Methods: Focus for June & July

We’ll build on the May theme of visuals and visualizations by looking at a wide range of creative & arts-based research methods in June and July. We’ll explore all stages of research, from design to dissemination and look at examples that use qualitative, quantitative, multimodal, and mixed methods. Follow the unfolding series through this link, […]

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Get Creative! Research with Pictures & Stories MethodSpace Live webinar recording

So we can engage in real-time and have a conversation about thought-provoking approaches, MethodSpace is going live with a series of webinars. The first one was Get Creative! Research with Pictures & Stories, which appears below.

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