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Weaponized Feeds and Text as Data: Notes from IC2S2 2017

We just returned from the 3rd International Conference of Computational Social Science, hosted by GESIS-Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences in Cologne, Germany. It was an amazing conference — really well organized by the incredible local team — with a bunch of really interesting talks across the three days. It was inspiring to meet so […]

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Video: Struggling to Write a Literature Review?

It starts with a plaintive question: “Am I the only one struggling to write a literature review?” The answer from Zina O’Leary, senior lecturer and workplace integrated learning coordinator for the University of Sydney Business School, is instant and re-assuring. “No, you are absolutely not the only one struggling to write a lit review.” In […]

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Archived Webinar: Presenting Data Effectively

Crystal clear graphs, slides, and reports are valuable – they save an audience’s mental energies, keep a reader engaged, and make you look smart. This webinar held on June 6, 2017, covers the science behind presenting data effectively and will leave viewers with direct, pointed changes that can be immediately administered to significantly increase impact. […]

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Video: Mixed Methods – Exploring the Role of Emotions in Urban Behavior

Panos Mavros is interested in the intersection of human beings and urban spaces. A PhD researcher at University College, London’s Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, he originally studied architecture, which is another way of exploring of the nexus of people and the built environment. But as he continued his studies, what part of the nexus […]

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Video: Running Focus Groups

Focus groups are a form of qualitative research in which the researcher generates the data through an open, but directed, discussion with a small group of participants. In this video – which you can watch for free by clicking here —  qualitative researcher Carol McNaughton Nicholls discusses but the behind-the-scenes aspects of running a focus […]

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Why Is It Important to Merge Academic Practice and Social Media?

Researchers are already using social media, acknowledges Sierra Williams, communications manager for Open Knowledge International, in the video below. Despite this, there’s often only a grudging acceptance of social media’s role, and sometimes even outright rejection. “The biggest issue,” says the former editor of The Impact Blog at the London School of Economics and Social […]

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Video: Don’t Drown in Spurious Correlations

While confusing correlation with causation may be one of the oldest – if not the oldest – logical fallacies in the world, that doesn’t make humankind any less likely to conflate the two. And, as Tyler Vigen explains in the following video, “There’s a lot of bad things that can happen if we mistake correlation […]

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Archived Webinar: Linking Data to Understand People in Context

Four researchers in the thick of tapping a broad array of information from disparate sources like administrative data, social media, smartphones, the Census, and experiments, and using that data to promote good policies for individual and communities, were panelists for a webinar in late February. A recording of that webinar appears below. “The New Big […]

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Seeing and Hearing the Problem: Using Video in Qualitative Research

The world told is a different world to the world shown. – Günter Kress ,  2003 Within a nanosecond of the emergence of new communications technology, some intrepid researcher will try to find a way to use it as a part of their inquiries. As a case in point, the first anthropological film fragment was shot […]

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Livestream Monday: Globalization Expert to Deliver 2017 Regius Lecture

Helen Milner, the B. C. Forbes Professor of Politics and International Affairs at Princeton University, will examine how globalization has developed over the past 30 years and discuss the sources of globalization and its political ramifications during the annual Regius lecture at Essex University on Monday. The lecture will be livestream below. Her talk, “The […]

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Archived Webinar: Tips for Overcoming Statistics Anxiety

On November 16, bestselling author Neil J. Salkind  discuss strategies that you can implement to reduce statistics anxiety in your students. Using his more than 30 years of teaching experience, Salkind cover some of the topics that students struggle with most, including correlation, understanding hypotheses, and significance (including z-scores and t-tests). Salkind taught for 35 years […]

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Archived Webinar: Survey Tips for Librarians

Earlier this month, SAGE Publishing held the webinar Survey Tips for Librarians with survey research expert and University of British Columbia professor Lesley Andres. In it, she shared tips on creating and deploying effective surveys, and explained how librarians can use surveys to better understand how patrons are using the library and what resources they may […]

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