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Lessons from Popular Ethnographies

This post is part of a series to explore lessons learned from qualitative research articles published in 2017 SAGE journals.  Two ethnographies were popular with readers of SAGE journal articles in 2017. “Knowledge of practice: A multi-sited event ethnography of border security fairs in Europe and North America” was most cited (Baird, 2017) and “Algorithms as culture: […]

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Case Studies: What Types Get Published?

Case studies emerged as the most popular type of qualitative research published in SAGE journals in 2017. After that broad-brush assessment, I wondered what types of case studies, researchers were conducting and how they defined them. Did they use Robert Yin’s (2014) categories for case study types: single or multiple, holistic or embedded case designs […]

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Qualitative Research in 2017

What approaches are qualitative researchers writing about? What are the trends– what methodologies are being used, what new approaches are emerging? In particular, what can we learn by examining the types of studies published in 2017? There are many ways to explore these questions. The approach I used centered on searches in the SAGE journals […]

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Open Access Scholarly Journals: Real and Fake

Open access journals have flourished due to the ease of online publishing, and the interest of readers without institutional library privileges. Scholars who want to publish articles are increasingly concerned with the impact of their work, and might feel that open access journals will reach a broader audience. The Budapest Open Access Initiative argues that […]

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