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Visual Data Collection meets Data Visualization

Researchers can start visualizing data from the beginning of the study by using visual methods to collect visual data. Technology tools help us capture and analyze visual exchanges with participants.

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Data Visualization Across Research Paradigms

A MethodSpace focus for May is about ways to use visuals to represent key ideas, themes in the data, and results of the study, in qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods research and evaluation. Find all posts in this unfolding series. Let’s start thinking about visualization. The term “data visualization” is commonly used to describe the […]

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Presenting Research Online

If we want our research to make a difference in the field and an impact in the bigger world, writing and publishing are not enough. We need to get out and talk about our work, what it means, and how it can be used. Conferences and professional or academic gatherings are places where researchers present […]

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How Do I Arrange the Sections of the Whole Report?

Stephanie Evergreen will be the guest of a Twitter chat ‘ask me anything [about data viz]’ on Wednesday, November 14th at 1 p.m. Eastern/10 a.m. PST. Submit a question using the hashtag #sageXevergreen . It’s time to zoom out of the layout of a single page or poster or slide and starting thinking about how we […]

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Creative Approach to Studying Social Problems: Lessons from a Popular Case Study

This post was originally part of a series to explore lessons learned from qualitative research articles published in 2017 SAGE journals. The article, “Bridging language barriers, bonding against immigrants: A visual case study of transnational network publics created by far-right activists in Europe,” exemplifies a creative approach to studying and revealing hidden perspectives on a […]

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RMF Highlight: Write Creatively for Academia

The Economic and Social Research Center is hosting the biennial Research Methods Festival at the University of Bath this week. If you aren’t able to attend in person, enjoy this series of posts. Before Dr. Kara took the stage to present, Festival attendees were tweeting back and forth about her new comic, Conversation With A Purpose. Surely […]

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Figures: Reasons & Reasoning

Figures can show findings, models, or relationships between ideas. They can take the form of diagrams, visual or geographic maps, graphs, charts, and other visualizations. Figures are important elements for your papers, articles or presentations, chapters or books so learning how to create and use them is essential for academic writers. This series of posts explores […]

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Figures and Publisher Guidelines

Show what you mean by including figures in your article or book. This series of posts explores ways to think about and develop figures that will complement your academic writing. For figures, the number, format, size, use of color, placement in the text, are typically spelled out by the book or journal publisher. You will want to clarify […]

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