Collaboration Skills = Career Skills

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In June and July MethodSpace will focus on research-oriented careers including career purpose and goals, skills, as well as expected and unexpected transitions.

Pretty much any career path involves working together with others. Increasingly we need to work across boundaries and disciplines, time zones and cultures, worldviews and expectations. Even the most introverted writer will need to collaborate with reviewers and editors!

I had the great pleasure of collaboratively writing a book about collaboration skills with someone who walks the talk: Dr. Narelle Lemon. We did not know each other before the series editor introduced us and suggested the project. Our book is in press and available for pre-order: Reframing and Rethinking Collaboration in Higher Education and Beyond: A Practical Guide for Doctoral Students and Early Career Researchers.

I asked Narelle to join me in a conversation about the skills needed for career success. I think you will see why I enjoyed working with her!

We discussed a number of models. One is the Taxonomy of Collaboration, which you can learn about by clicking on the Part 1 link. Another is called the Circle of Niceness, which illustrates the kinds of positive behaviors that can strengthen our collaborations while building personal qualities like empathy and moral courage.

Circle of Niceness
Circle of Niceness, developed by Dr. Narelle Lemon.

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