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In the first quarter of 2021 we explored design steps, starting with a January focus on Finding the Question. We learned more about the design stage in February by focusing on Choosing Methodology and MethodsThe March focus was on Designing an Ethical Study. In the second quarter our focus moved from the design stage to the data collection stage. Our focus for April was on Collecting Data from & with Participants— find the whole series here!

Collecting Data with Interviews

Collecting Data with Observations

Conducting Focus Groups

Informed Consent in Online Research with Participants

Map Your Research Design

Open-Access Research Journals

Participant Observation

Research with Children and Youth

The Value of Researching Lives Qualitatively through Time

Theoretical Windows and Conceptual Mirrors: Using Theoretical Frameworks to arm your Conceptual Framework

What are the Most Common Means for Collecting Data?

Collecting Data Online from and with Participants

Gather Your Data Online: New SAGE Campus Course

Online Interviewing Tips & Resources

Online Surveys

Using Amazon Turk Samples for Online Surveys

What exactly is “Online Data”?

Webinar about Doing Research Online and Get ready for the webinar about online research!

Using Creative Methods to Collect Data from and with Participants

Creative Approaches to Biographical and Life History Interviews

Creative Methods for supporting social science students in qualitative remote research

Is Photo Elicitation Right for Your Study?

Photo Elicitation: Examples in Open Access Articles

SAGE Books by MethodSpace Contributors

Visit the SAGE Publishing website to choose research books and use the MSPACE20 discount code.

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