Coming soon: MethodSpace Live!

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When you are reading MethodSpace posts, do you ever think: “I wish I had a chance to discuss these ideas!” We’ve been reading your minds and as a result, we are launching the MethodSpace Live! series of webinars. A panel-style format with 2 to 4 expert contributors and time for discussion means these will be lively and interactive events. Topics will correspond to the MethodSpace Focus Series, so you can read original posts and find relevant resources about each one.

  • The first is Get Creative! Research with Pictures & Stories.
    The panel will include Dr. Helen Kara, Dr. Melissa Nolas, and yours truly, Dr. Janet Salmons. Save the date July 18, 2019, and find the time in your zone. Register now for this lively and interactive MethodSpace Live event!
  • In September the focus will be on Teaching and Guiding Researchers. Date TBA.
  • In November the focus will be on the The Acquisitions & Editorial Process for Academic Writing Month. Date TBA.

Three planned webinars align with the areas we cover in MethodSpace.

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