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For August 2020 we will focus on Teaching and Learning Research. We will explore classroom instruction in research methods, as well as research foundations and experiences in other curricular courses. Find the unfolding series of original posts, interviews, and resources through this link.

MethodSpace readers will recognize Dr. Jane Shore’s graphics from previous posts and from her collaboration with Dr. Sharon Ravitch. After reading posts in the School of Thought blog, I asked Jane to write about this innovative educational project in conjunction with our focus on Teaching and Learning Research.

“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.”  Margaret Wheatley

School of Thought is a learning community for community builders. We work with others to make big ideas usable across sectors, industries and fields to bring equitable, durable change to all.

School of Thought grew out of the founding energy of Revolution School, a new place-based high school in Philadelphia, PA. It exists as a way to both fuel our experiential school programming, and the work of our partners.  While Revolution School supports learners as scholars and inquirers in the community, Revolution School of Thought supports the role we all play as leaders and learners in the world.  We weave the stories from research into practice and practice into research.

We aim to deconstruct silos in recognition that our deepest solutions come from multiple perspectives. Our blog, learning models, and multi-modal data representations aim to build, cultivate, and continually nourish our community and to propel individual and collective work.

School of Thought brings people together to share purpose, expertise, resources, knowledge, and authority in a way that promotes cross-sector collaboration — the fastest and most effective route to community building for the good of all in these rapidly changing and demanding times.

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