Conference: The Gold Standard of Reproducible Research: How to make it work in qualitative and quantitative research, University of Nottingham, 9 March 2017

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Louise Corti of the UK Data Service is running a workshop on Qualitative Data: Data sharing and storage at the NICEP Conference: The Gold Standard of Reproducible Research.Reproducibility is held as the gold standard for scientific research. The legitimacy of any published work depends on the question: can we access the data, replicate the analysis and come to the same results? In many cases, we cannot. In Political Science, Economics, Psychology and many other fields scandals involving fabricated data, errors or misconduct have stirred a debate on reproducibility that calls for fundamental changes in the way research is done.

This interdisciplinary conference discusses why authors are not sharing their work, how new initiatives across the social sciences are challenging the status quo, and what researchers can gain from sharing their data. A part of the conference will be two hands-on workshop sessions tailored for qualitative and quantitative researchers to embed tools such as the Qualitative Data Repository, Open Science Framework and the TIER protocol into their workflow.

We end with a panel discussion about how universities, journals, funders and researchers can nurture a reproducibility culture to ensure that the gold standard of reliable, credible and valid research is upheld.

Target audience:

  •     third year BA, MA and PhD students across the social sciences
  •     early career researchers and staff
  •     external students from other universities are welcome to apply

For further information please visit the conference website   The UK Data Service website

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