Connected teaching for a time when we need to connect! 3 video chats

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Harriet Schwartz is the author of a recent book, Connected Teaching: Relationship, Power, and Mattering in Higher Education. Little did she know just how much we’d need to connect in ways that matter! She has just launched a video series. This video series explores connected teaching – the inner and relational elements of teaching in higher education. Each 5 minute-video will offer a quick note of support and strategy.

Learn more in this open-access post to the Scholarly Teacher blog: “Authentic Teaching and Connected Learning in the Age of COVID-19.”

As someone who teaches research methods, Harriet Schwartz understands the particular challenge of this role and welcomes related questions. Future topics include: dealing with the highs and lows of teaching, self-disclosure and boundaries, and teacher as mentor.

Harriet also made a generous offer to MethodSpace readers: if you want to organize a book club or study group focused on Connected Teaching of Research Methods – she will arrange for a discount code and would gladly do a virtual visit to focus on teaching and mentoring methods. Use the contact form on to reach her.

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