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Info International, organizers of the London Info International events, have launched a new event, ConTech 2018, which will examine how and why data science, content and technology come together.  ConTech is scheduled for November 29 and 30 in London.

“The intersection between content and data science is one of the most exciting, disruptive and unpredictable areas of publishing and content management right now,” says Paul Blake, organizer of ConTech 2018 and senior content designer. , “It is the biggest tech revolution to hit the content world since the birth of the internet – with many opportunities and challenges that content and publishing people need to be actively engaged with. With ConTech, we’re looking to bring the content and data science community together to discuss these issues and work out together what happens next.”

Information providers and content owners increasingly have to address the challenges of competing in a data world, driven by machine learning, artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies. At the conference, delegates will learn how a new generation of technology is influencing all types of content in the world. Whether a publisher, content strategist or managing content for your organization you will get the chance to hear from content pioneers who are already seeing the benefits of using data science and understand how you can start applying data science to your own work.

Core THEMES that will be looked at are:

  1. Moving to data driven content publishing – How can publishers and content teams become more data driven? How does the move to becoming data driven impact the content products you develop?
  2. The journey from intelligent content to the content product of the future – What data science tools and techniques can you adopt to improve content creation, management and delivery? What role do artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning have in developing the next generation of content products?
  3. Deploying artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science in content operations and teams – How do you manage the cultural issues of bringing content and data specialists together? How do you develop a culture that embraces data?
  4. Data ethics and trust – How do you adopt a more data driven approach to your content while maintaining the trust of your users? What is best practice in data ethics and how does it impact your reputation?

SPEAKERS include:


  1. Michael Puscar- founder of Oiga Technologies
  2. Sadia Shahid– head of strategy at
  3. Sona Hathi– content strategist at Government Digital Service
  4. Danny Lein– CEOand founder of Twipe


ConTech 2018 is open and inclusive to everyone who produces content, everyone who has content repositories, technology companies and platform providers that can unlock the value of that content. If you would like to attend CLICK HERE for EVENT information and pricing.


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