Content Overview and Thematic Networking: Analytical Methodology for a Study of Self-Expression

Categories: Qualitative


An Exploration into the FeminineVOICE of Prophetic Leadership

Because the OHP interview method is structured to produce narratives, I propose a mixed method of context and theme analysis first to mine and then coordinate conceptual subjects further maximizing the data’s richness. A mixed method of analysis allows the luxury of both inductive and deductive reasoning with the data.

According to Steven Stemler’s (2001) “Overview of Content Analysis”, a systematic, replicable technique for compressing many words of text into fewer content categories based on explicit rules of coding will provide a more inductive method of analysis for the text. TAPoR is the tool I favor to mine the data for conceptual patterns. Jennifer Attride-Stirling (2001) argues in “Thematic networks: an analytic tool for qualitative research” can be usefully aided by and presented as thematic networks representing conceptual development. This is a more deductive method of analysis that provides a clear framework for understanding the interrelation of concepts.

I propose a time line breaking the duration of the project into quarters including: 1) the preparation of the OHP data, 2) the securing and preparation of additional data, 3) the analysis of the interviews; and, 4) the final composition of the report. I am currently preparing an assessment of the current OHP archive to prepare it for readiness for public access. My intimacy with the data has allowed me to see its rich potential for this project. The last narratives were collected in 2006 and expansion of the collection would be in order, which I propose not only to round out this sample but to create a more inclusive and contemporary body of data.

A two-step analysis will allow a deeper exploration of the data for both the nuances of language and the construction of meaning, giving the final composition the benefit of a well reasoned methodology for a holistic exploration of the feminine voice of prophetic leadership.