Continued Citation of Bad Science and What We Can Do About It: Online event

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This free online talk by Dr. Jodi Schneider is part of this year’s Syracuse University Center for Computational and Data Sciences virtual speaker series. The talk will be on Friday, February 19 3:00-4:00 PM EST. RSVP here . Note, this is a public event, so feel free to share this post.

Even papers that falsify data continue to be cited. I describe network and text analysis for studying how authors continue to cite bad science: articles retracted from the literature due to serious flaws or errors. I present an in-depth case study of a human trial cited for over 10 years after it was retracted for falsifying data. Then I describe how we scaled up to study a data set of 7000 retracted papers and hundreds of thousands of citations. Finally, I discuss an ongoing Sloan-funded stakeholder consultation that is bringing editors, publishers, librarians, researchers, and research integrity experts together to address this problem.

Jodi Schneider is an assistant professor at the School of Information Sciences. She studies the science of science through the lens of arguments, evidence, and persuasion. She is developing Linked Data (ontologies, metadata, Semantic Web) approaches to manage scientific evidence. Schneider holds degrees in informatics (Ph.D., National University of Ireland, Galway), library & information science (M.S., UIUC), mathematics (M.A., UT Austin), and liberal arts (B.A., Great Books, St. John’s College). She has worked as an actuarial analyst for a Fortune 500 insurance company, as the gift buyer for a small independent bookstore, and in academic science and web libraries. She has held research positions across the U.S. as well as in Ireland, England, France, and Chile.

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