Contracts & Changes: When Publishers Merge

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Abstract, the Textbook and Academic Authors Association (TAA) open access blog, includes excellent advice for writers who have book contracts with publishers when mergers, acquisitions, or other changes that can potentially impact the agreement. Read on to learn from lawyers and experts who specialize in this niche:

Can my publisher really do that? Common author questions and answers from industry pros

At TAA’s 2019 Textbook & Academic Authoring Conference, industry insider Sean Wakely and royalty auditor Juli Saitz addressed some common questions authors have about what prerogatives publishers have in respect to publication decisions, calculating royalty payments, marketing, and rights, with hypothetical examples from their point of view.

Interpreting, Adapting, and Amending Textbook Publishing Contracts in a Changing Publishing World

Interpreting or adapting existing contracts to fit comfortably in the world of digital courseware is a tricky challenge for authors. Rubin and Ulrich explain, using an example of Pearson.

Textbook publisher mergers and acquisitions: What authors need to know.

If you’ve been published (or simply signed, for that matter) by a US publisher in the last dozen years, there is a fair to excellent chance that the master to whom you are now answering is not the master to whom you indentured yourself when you signed your original publishing contract. Steven Gillen explains what to do.

Q&A: How to ensure quality when the publisher is cutting costs

Q: How do you work with a publisher to ensure the final product is a quality work even though they are cutting costs?

A: Mary Ellen Lepionka, co-author of Writing and Developing Your College Textbook: A Comprehensive Guide  responds.


TAA is a membership organization that serves writers from across disciplines. 

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