Creative Methods in Practice: New Children’s Photography Archive

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If you saw the Research with Pictures & Stories webinar, you were probably intrigued by Dr. Melissa Nolas ethnographic research with children. She showed us photographs the children in India, Greece, and the UK took to represent important people, places, and things in their lives. The European Research Council is intrigued too! They just awarded Melissa and her colleague, Dr. Christos Varvantakis, a proof of concept grant to expand the first online open archive of photographs taken by children. Congratulations Melissa and team!

“Children are reflectively aware of both the act of photography and its impact, as well as the different properties of the photo itself and the subject it represents.” — Melissa Nolas

The aim of the archive is to provide a space for children to deposit their work, and for adults in various capacities to think about the ‘child’s gaze’. See the current archive here. According to the press release from Goldsmiths at the University of London, the Children’s Photography Archive aims to celebrate, explore, value and memorialise the views and experiences of children and demonstrate how what they care about might differ from what is understood by other people, whether parent or state policymaker.

All photographs uploaded to the archive have a Creative Commons license which allows them to be used without charge or alteration in academic (research and teaching) work, with acknowledgement and a link to the archive.

The archive will become an important cultural platform for children’s photography. It will also act as an in-school citizenship education teaching resource.

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