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Creative and Arts-Based Methods are a focus for June and July. Find the whole series here, and follow the link to view the recorded webinar, Get Creative! Research with Pictures
& Stories

We’re using a big-tent definition of creative research methods in this series of posts. We’ve explored interactive ways to use drawings, photographs, graphics, video, animations, stories, and other creative expressions in data collection and in dissemination of research findings.

Let’s look more broadly, and consider the role of creative thinking in research– regardless of the designs or methods used to collect, analyze.

The Oxford dictionary definition of creative thinking is:

Relating to or involving the use of the imagination or original ideas to create something.

Creative thinking is essential if we hope to generate original ideas and insights about the problems we study.

In this previous MethodSpace post, Critical & Creative Thinking in Research, see how Bloom’s Taxonomy can be used to differentiate the types of thinking needed at each stage of the research process. Bloom’s Taxonomy is commonly used by educators to discern dimensions of thinking involved with acquiring, using, and generating knowledge (Anderson, Bloom, Krathwohl, & Airasian, 2000; Bloom, Krathwohl, & Masia, 1964). How do we learn to use (and value) multiple types of thinking? In Teaching to Foster Critical & Creative Thinking, I collected posts and resources that might be of interest if you teach research methods (or want to develop your own skills.)

Want to learn more? Visit this Reading List on Critical and Creative Thinking on SAGE Research Methods to access books, chapters, and cases.

If your library doesn’t have a subscription, and you would like to access the materials listed here, explore SAGE Research Methods with a free trial.

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