Culturally Responsive Approaches to Evaluation

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Evaluation: Relevant for All Researchers!

Some researchers are engaged primarily with evaluation of programs, funding, or needs for services. The rest of us need evaluate how our research achieves the desired impact, whether our work is effective, and assess the extent to which we are meeting our goals. All of us need to show our work is effective, and the extent to which we are meeting our goals. In a previous MethodSpace focus series on evaluation we looked at ways evaluators can apply research skills and ways researchers can apply evaluation strategies.

This month we’re focusing on Indigenous and intercultural research, so I want to bring this excellent book to your attention: Culturally Responsive Approaches to Evaluation Empirical Implications for Theory and Practice.

The co-authors note the importance of shifting from a focus on the cultural competence of researchers and evaluators to culturally responsive practices. In this book, they adopt the term “culturally responsive approaches as it captures the intent of strategies and frameworks to ensure the centrality and inclusion of culture in evaluation theory and practice” (p.2). Conceptual frameworks and the theoretical side of evaluation design are aligned with practical recommendations.

The book provides an in-depth look at culturally-responsive evaluation in Indigenous communities, by insiders or outsiders. The detailed table of contents for Chapter 4 shows topics of particular interest to those working with or in Indigenous or native communities.

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Articles available on ResearchGate

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