December Focus on Research and Practice

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Welcome to December!

The calendar pages signal an end to November and Academic Writing Month. We’ll continue to offer posts on academic writing and publishing, and will keep answering questions raised in the webinar, Write a Book! From Acquisition to PublicationWe’re also moving on to a new focus for December, Research and Practice.

In December we will look at two trends. On one side, we have academically-trained researchers who conduct studies independently or in positions outside of academia. We’ll look at the kinds of research they conduct, ways they create impact by applying research findings, what they publish, and how they bring a researcher’s mindset into professional lives in a variety of fields.

On the other side, we’ll look at career-changers. These individuals often have significant experience in professional or military, business or government, NGO, nonprofit or educational settings. They re-enter academia hoping their research can generate insights and solutions to real-world problems. We’ll look at curricular and other changes in doctoral programs that welcome scholar-practitioners.

These interrelated trends give us new ways to think about who conducts research,
where, why, and how.

We will explore research and practice with original posts, interviews, examples, tips, and links to relevant resources. Post your ideas or suggestions in the comment area below.

We welcome a new Mentor-in-Residence, Gary Burkholder. Dr. Burkholder and colleagues Kimberley A. Cox, Linda M. Crawford, and John H. Hitchcock co-edited a new book from SAGE, Research Design and Methods: An Applied Guide for the Scholar-Practitioner.

You can find the whole evolving series through this link. If you sign into, you will be subscribed to the site and receive all new posts by email.

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