Dedoose Version 1 Launched! – Web 2.0 research software

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Dedoose is here and was designed by professional academic researchers for a wide range of research in the social sciences. Also, because collaboration and
low-cost are fundamental to its design, Dedoose is ideal for team research and
classroom applications in the teaching of research
Web 2.0 research software?

Web 2.0 means Dedoose is built on cutting edge technologies that facilitate data security, easy to use but powerful features, and
anytime/anywhere access.

Drs. Tom Weisner and Eli Lieber have been working for many years to develop methods for qualitative and mixed method research in the social
sciences. They and their team have developed new software for managing,
analyzing, and visualizing social science research data. As we watch
technologies advance, we keep dreaming about how to take advantage of this
growth. The dreaming is over, the hard work is behind us, and Dedoose has
arrived as a truly innovative, advanced, strong, fast, easy-to-use, and
feature-packed application–all for as little as $10.95 per month. You can learn (and see) more
about Dedoose in the videos and other content
on our new website:
The Dedoose design is ideal for qualitative or mixed methods research (including sentiment analysis capabilities). Among it strengths
  • Web 2.0 application
    • No software to purchase, download, install, maintain, or upgrade
    • Platform independent–PC, Mac, … (any computer with an Internet browser is ready to tap
      into all the power of Dedoose)
    • Collaboration optimized–multiple users can work together anytime, anywhere, and in real-time
    • Low and flexible license fees
  • Easy to learn and use–no need for costly training workshops or extensive
  • Genuine mixed methods design–seamless integration of qualitative and quantitative data
    facilitates analysis and understanding from any number of
  • Import and Export using common file formats
  • Interactive, automatically generated, presentation-ready graphics
    • Compelling and informative
    • Immediate guides to identify patterns in your data
    • Easily work in-depth with underlying qualitative data and coding
Try it for free?
Sure. Simply complete and submit basic account information through our secure sign-up form (no billing
information required). Within moments you will receive an email confirming your
account information and access to two projects: the new one you named during the
sign-up process and a demonstration project filled with data to facilitate your
exploration of the Dedoose system and features. Take a few days to get an
unrestricted hands-on feel for Dedoose and one of our agents will get in touch
with you to answer questions and discuss licensing
Migrating from other software?
If you are a current EthnoNotes user (the Dedosse predecessor), we will migrate your project to Dedoose for no cost. If you use Atlas.ti, NVivo,
MAXQDA, or other software for qualitative or mixed method data analysis we can
set your existing project up in Dedoose for as little as $150. Please let us
know when you are ready to make the move and we’ll get on it so you can start
working in the Dedoose environment as soon as
Here’s a small taste of the myriad of Dedoose features. Dedoose is dynamic, so please
visit the site to learn and see more in the orientation and instructional
Powerful in situ
excerpting and coding!


Over 30 interactive
qualitative and mixed method data visualizations with full click through to
underlying excerpt, descriptor, and coding activity data!
Bubble Chart
Referral Reward Program!
We also want to alert you to our new referral reward program. Refer someone to us who
might want to use Dedoose. Then, very simply, you will receive a cash reward of
$20 for each of your referrals who signs up for an annual Dedoose account. Help
us spread the word by sharing information about Dedoose. Be sure that any
referral includes your name and email in the comments box on their signup form,
and your reward is on the way.

There is nothing better for the growth of qualitative and mixed method research in the social sciences when experienced and satisfied Dedoose users
share what they know with friends and colleagues.
From our end, we are working constantly to enhance the methods and tools that will serve the needs of mixed method researchers. And the Dedoose customer
service team is dedicated to assuring that Dedoose users receive all they need
to efficiently and easily carry-out great research. Our referral reward program
is a simple way for you to help us grow. Thank
Looking forward to hearing from you all,

Tom, Eli, Jason, and the rest of the Dedoose team