Do you like to have the opportunity to download pdfs?

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We are looking at options for the tools to include alongside our book content on SRMO and would like your advice about download options!

The plan is to have a print option, an “email to a friend” option, a variety of citations and……during my research the option to download material was heralded for people who wanted to add material (journal articles in particular) to project folders stored on their PC.

So, into the SRMO project documentation went a requirement for a chapter download option (never an entire book download option.

Since doing that we have had strong concern voiced by our authors about allowing people to freely download chapters of their books from the site: it wouldn’t take too long for someone to download all of the chapters of a title, paste them together and then make it freely available online.

There are some alternative options:
– don’t make a download facility available at all – how frustrating would this be for you? – there is the option to save the url
– restrict the number of downloads a user can do in a single session online – could result in confusion for a user who has hit their limit of 5 downloads and doesn’t know why they can’t download more, or could be by-passed by someone who just closes their session, opens another session and continues to download chapters of a title.

Do any of our blog readers have any thoughts around this latest challenge?!

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