Emerging & Online Methods: September Focus

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Emerging & Online Methods are the focus this month on SAGE MethodSpace. In the Covid era, it seems that we are all emerging into a new reality. Activities we took for granted, such as interviewing a participant in person or meeting with co-researchers to hatch a plan, now must occur in a new way. As researchers, research faculty, and students, we must be more flexible and creative that ever before. Given this circumstance, we will look at online as well as other contact-less approaches for carrying out studies. We have just concluded a month-long focus on teaching and learning, but will continue to explore new ways to engage research students as well.

This month you will find interviews with interesting authors and researchers, original posts, and open-access resources. In September SAGE is a sponsor for the Nvivo conference, Qualitative Research in a Changing World. We’ll highlight content and speakers from this global event. Check back throughout the month– find the evolving series of posts here.

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