Item Response Theory

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Date(s) - 10/26/2018 - 10/27/2018
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Temple University Center City



Statistical Horizons is hosting a 2-day seminar titled “Item Response Theory.” The course will be taught by Dr. Tenko Raykov starting Friday October 26 at 9 AM.

This two-day seminar provides a thorough introduction to Item Response Theory (IRT), a set of psychometric models and techniques for the design, analysis, and scoring of tests, questionnaires, and other instruments for measuring abilities, attitudes, and other variables. In contrast to classical test theory, IRT emphasizes categorical items and the inclusion of parameters for item-level difficulty. In recent years, it has become the leading statistical paradigm for the development and assessment of psychometric instruments. This seminar covers multiple intermediate levels as well as several more advanced topics. Throughout the course, numerous empirical examples are utilized from the educational, behavioral, and social sciences.

Participants in this seminar can expect to come away with:

  • A nuanced understanding of the conceptual foundations and basic mathematical and statistical relationships underlying IRT/IRM.
  • An appreciation of the advantages of a thorough study of the underlying latent structure of (tentative versions of) multi-component instruments.
  • Practical tools and strategies for constructing an initial version of a test/instrument of interest and its revision aimed at improving its quality, based on item information and test information functions, and more.


To benefit from this seminar, you should have the equivalent of one or more semesters of statistics: a good introductory course with some treatment of probability and random variables as well as regression analysis. Some knowledge of multivariate statistics would also be helpful, but is not essential.

To attend the course there is a fee of $995, which includes all the course material. There is an Early registration fee available until September 26. CLICK HERE to register.

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