Exploration of Arts-Based Education Research (ABER)

Categories: Qualitative

Welcome colleagues. My C&I dissertation will be focused in the integration of the arts across the curriculum. In May of this year

 (2011) the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities (PCAH) released Reinvesting in Arts Education:Winning

America’s Future Through Creative Schools. The talk is being talked but the walk is only walked through an elitist lens. I am

excited at the prospect of networking with others who understand the value of arts to promote inquiry, innovation, and creative

 thought. Please share your thoughts, research, insights, etc. I have an ongoing blog “Communication for All” at




Reinvesting in arts education: Winning America’s future through creative schools (2011, May). In President’s Committee on

  the Arts and the Humanities. Retrieved July 23, 2011