Fall Focus Series on MethodSpace

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MethodSpaceFocusThis fall we will explore thematic series each month, with original posts, featured articles and media, interviews with researchers, reading lists, and mentor tips from experts. 

Find the whole series of posts here. Join the MethodSpace community so you can comment on posts to add your own insights and share resources other readers might find beneficial. By signing up, you will receive new posts by email, but no spam (and we do not sell our list!).

  • September: Critical and Creative Thinking for Researchers
  • October: Research for Social Good 
  • November: Academic Writing Month #AcWriMo
  • December: Collaboration


One thought on “Fall Focus Series on MethodSpace

  1. This looks like a great initiative!

    p.s. Fall is not a word used for a season in some parts of the English speaking world – in Oceania we don’t use or know this word at all. And in the southern hemisphere the end of the year is spring and summer. To be more inclusive of your international audience, I suggest don’t use or refer to seasons.

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