February Focus: Choosing Methodology & Methods

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In the first quarter of 2021 we explore design steps, starting with a January focus on research questions. We’ll continue to learn about the design stage in February with a focus on Choosing Methodology and Methods.

First, let’s define our terms:

Methodology refers to the philosophies and systems of thinking that justify the methods used to conduct the research. The methodology is a framework that explains why you are conducting the study. Methodologies emerge from academic disciplines in the social and physical sciences. What we refer to here as methodologies may also be called research types or genres.

Method refers to the systematic and practical steps used to conduct the study. You will need methods for collecting data, and methods for analyzing and interpreting data.

This month we will consider research design options. Qualitative or quantitative methodology, or a mix of methodologies? One or more methods for collecting data? Follow this month’s posts for interviews, original writing, and resources for new or experienced researchers.

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