Festivals without Flights

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When George Harrison sang, “Show me that I’m everywhere, and get me tea and computerhome for tea,” I am sure he didn’t imagine that we’d actually have the ability to be everywhere without missing the comforts of home. But in today’s connected world we can do just that! In July, MethodSpace readers will have two opportunities to engage with conferences across the globe, without leaving home. Follow the series using this link.

First, we will visit the UK Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Research Methods Festival, July 3-5. Researchers from diverse disciplines and career stages are gathering at the University of Bath. While we won’t have access to all 200 presentations, any that are recorded or offer access to resources will be highlighted in MethodSpace posts.

Next, we will visit the Festival of e-Learning in Africa from July 9-20. You can register and attend this online conference by visiting this site. I’ll be presenting a workshop about collaborative e-learning, and participating in the overall event. I’ll share emerging ideas and resources related to research and publication.


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