2020 Focus Series

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MethodSpace 2020 Focus
Jan Researcher’s Roles: Power and Respect
Positions and practices. Dynamics with participants, populations and sampling, and research ethics.  
Feb Indigenous and Intercultural Research
Designing, planning, and conducting research
within and across cultures.  
Mar Theory and Research Design
Theoretical frameworks, theory development,
theory and praxis.  
Apr Interdisciplinary Research
Understanding and bridging research practices
across disciplines.
May Mixed Methods and Multimethods
Using multiple methods within and across qualitative and quantitative paradigms.  
Jun/Jul     Research Careers
Opportunities for researchers in academic and other settings, skills and steps for career advancement.  
Aug Resources for Teaching & Learning Research
Methods instruction and supervision. SAGE Research Methods Open House, and a preview of books for the new academic year.
Sep Emerging and Online Methods
New approaches to qualitative, quantitative,
and mixed methods.  
Oct Action Research
Role of researchers in times and places of social upheaval and change.  Politicization of research on
social, climate, other issues.  
Nov Publishing Trends (AcWriMo)
Open access, blogging, mini-books, electronic journals, media.  
Dec Sharing Creatively: Blogs, Comics, Games
December’s Focus Series will look at alternative ways to share research through blogs, comics and games. 

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