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Hi everyone,

I recently came accross this post and thought of publicising it in case anyone was interested…

New cataloguing guidelines for community archives

Reviewers needed! Can you help?

The Community Archives and Heritage Group (CAHG) is developing
guidelines on cataloguing. The aim is to produce some simple and short
guidelines which if followed – would mean that the records kept by
community archives would be compliant with existing widely-used
professional standards. There was a survey of the needs of community
archives at a recent CAHG conference, and help with cataloguing was
one of the top issues raised.

The guidelines have now been drafted but we now need some feedback
from community heritage groups and professional archivists.

If you’re happy to have a look through the guidelines and let me have
some feedback by the end of May, then please contact me at I will then e-mail you the guidelines.

At this stage, we’re looking for feedback from about 5 community
groups and 5 archivists.

There will be a chance for more people review the guidelines later,
because the revised draft will then be published on the website with a request for further feedback.

You can get more information about the project at ( )