Forget Publish or Perish – It’s #VisibleOrVanish

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On MethodSpace, Academic Writing Month 2020 is focusing on Publishing Trends, and What They Mean for Academic Writers. 

One trend is an increased interest in moving beyond the dominance of print, and sharing research and findings using media. In this guest post, Dr. Tullio Rossi talks about the steps you can take to ensure that your research is visible. Through this series of short videos, he talks about the importance of making sure your research does not simply 'vanish'. See a previous interview with Tullio about how to use graphical abstracts to draw attention to journal articles.

Let me ask you this: what good is it to have the original Mona Lisa if you’re going to hide it beneath your bed?

OK, so your research data may not be considered on par with the Mona Lisa just yet, but who’s to say that it’s not important? No matter how brilliant our research is, it’s useless if it doesn’t get seen.

The old mantra of “Publish or Perish” is obsolete. With 7000 papers being published every single day, publishing alone is simply not enough to survive as a researcher, let alone a researcher who has a real impact on society.

That’s right. . . we are going from “Publish or Perish” to “Visible or Vanish.” That is, if our research isn’t visible, we simply vanish.

To shine a light on the way ahead, I’ve put together the Visible or Vanish series. Check out the videos below and get involved in the conversation using the #VisibleOrVanish Twitter hashtag.

Videos 1 to 5 of the Visible or Vanish series talks about the why behind video and graphical abstracts:

Videos 6 to 10 looks at successful video abstracts and talks about the benefits of using science animation to illustrate your research:

Rossi concludes his Visible or Vanish series with a couple videos on boosting your Altmetric score and avoiding online scams: 

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