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    Adrian Scribano

    I want to share with all the publication of an article that summarizes the minimum content of the  Expressive Creative Encounters as a proposal for  inquiry bodies / emotions

    Abstract –

    Expressive Creative Encounters (ECE) are designed as spaces for the subjects to 
    express and interpret their emotions in the context of social research. The expressiveness of the 
    social subjects has always been a controversial issue for social sciences, because nobody can 

    But the “development” and “improvement” of qualitative social research  strategies incorporating the “expressiveness capture technologies” in a progressive yet steady  way have been able to bridge the gap between what the researcher sees and what the subject  expresses.

    In this work, creativity is taken as a starting point to produce expressive experiences 
    where individuals “share” and interpret, both with the researcher and with others, in particular 
    social conditions of existence, their sensations and emotions.

    Keywords : expressive creative encounters; emotions; qualitative social research; 

    Expressive Creative Encounters: A Strategy for Sociological Researc…
    Adrian Scribano
    GJHSS (2013) Volume 13 Issue 5: 33-38.


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