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    JOIN US IN THE DISCUSSION: We are discussing the TITLE found on the thesis cover page. What are some things that we have to consider when coming up with a suitable TITLE to a thesis/dissertation? In other words, what things should we consider when drafting a TITLE for a thesis/dissertation? I am sure that lecturers on this website would agree with me that often times, theses/dissertations tend to have TITLES that are totally different from entire content of that particular thesis/dissertation. We do agree that TITLES are a matter of individual style, but there is need to know how to develop a successful TITLE. What can we do to make our TITLES not only stand out, but convey relevant messages about our theses/Dissertations?


    Do we have any choice in order to put our own TITLE without concern to the content? I don’t think so. What do you think?


    you need to identify your field of interest, and then read some literature in the chosen field, by then you will come up with a TITLE that will be refined after doing the literature review, in the end of the thesis you need to decide if the TITLE is still relevent or just a cute one with style,,

    Jason Ross

    When writing my master’s thesis, there was a controversy about the Title. It read as a question. When we went to the English department to clarify this, it was acknowledged that it could be read as either a question or a statement and the English Prof agreed with the way that I had written it. Nevertheless, we just changed it to speed up the process. Ultimately, shouldn’t all thesis titles come in the form of a question? Isn’t that was we are doing, asking and answering a question?


    You are right Jason Ross, our thesis are answering questions. Unfortunately, the world is guided by rules, which include our various universities. That is why; this subject on TITLES is very important, because when the TITLE is outside the set standards of a particular school, one might not graduate easily. Thus, we can avoid this by sharing real life stories like your story. Perhaps, there is some STUDENT out there trying to writing his/her TITLE in a question form, it is best that they check with their respective schools. It is not enough to seek the opinion of a supervisor because sometimes, they might not also know such requirements. Thank you.


    Dr Razali Hassan & M. Alkhalifa, you are right for stating that a TITLE is derived from the “field of interest, literature reviewed, the entire thesis content, etc.” In addition, I strongly feel that the semantic of the TITLE must be in line with the intended meaning of a thesis. This implies that the wording of a TITLE is very important. The choice of words, must be in line with the content. This might appear as though it is a problem only among non-native speakers of English. Not only them, but also the native speakers because English has diverse varities. You can imagine having read all the right literature review; and having understood fully the meaning of one’s content; but the words used in the TITLE are different from the intended meaning. Alas! That is a sad situation. I’m sure that you might have come across information about students, who had to change their TITLES, and others who had to redo the research because their TITLES were different from the intended meanings. For example, a common error can be found when dealing with TITLES that have to do with the word “attitude” when it is replaced by the word “perception”. This is all about semantics, yet the reality is that when sematics is different from its content, it does not matter what the student meant, the thesis might be rejected or the student might be asked to change a TITLE, or redo the research to avoid compromising with findings. That is why, I think that M. Alkhalifa added a valid point when he stated that a TITLE must not “just be a cute style”, it must be relevant.


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    yes, it does. my organization is always looking for eye catching one.

    Clair Leitney

    Well, I don’t think whether a title stands out or not matters a lot. What matters is your thesis statement. Surely, you should create a title that will catch audience attention but if the paper lacks a strong thesis statement, it has nothing to say. Well, probably a title should be similar to your thesis statement. And of course as mention here and in the blog entry by Dissertation writer – choose dissertation title, you should choose somehting that interests you so that it won’t become a drag. And actually, according to the article by John Komlos – How does one choose a dissertation topic?, your supervisor is willing to provide two or three topics, he or she doesn’t mind help you out with your dissertation. But if it is the opposite, your proefessor wants to limit him/herself from you and not get involved in your writing process at all. That’s pretty interesting, isn’t it?

    Dr Mike Lambert

    ‘A Beginner’s Guide…’ (http://bit.ly/RTfpyO) pp.61-62 offers four ways of composing your title:

    1. As an overall statement of the topic, e.g: ‘Career advice for students with special educational needs’.

    2. As the specific issue to be researched, e.g: ‘Gender and sport: views of boys and girls about competitive physical activity in school’.

    3. As a question, e.g: ‘How can design of a school library encourage children to read?’

    4. As a memorable phrase, possibly drawn from collected data: e.g. ‘“It’s all rather scary really”: School students’ perceptions of university education’.

    Afzal Sheikh

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