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    Jason Taylor

    Just a note letting others know about the continual development of Dedoose. We’ve been adding a lot of collaboration based features such as the chat system, and to top it off we have finished our Training Center for assisting with backing up your results with quantifiable scientific rigor using Cohen’s Kappa and Pearson’s Correlation for code application and code weighting respectively.  More information can be found on our blog over at    


    For those not aware of Dedoose: Dedoose is a web based qualitative and mixed methods application designed by professors Thomas Wiesner and Eli Lieber of UCLA’s Center For Culture and Health to address their many frustrations with other packages such as MaxQDA, Atlas.TI, and NVivo.  Dedoose supports all the great QDA features such as code trees with code weighting support, in-situ excerpting and codification, data sets, many different media formats (doc, docx, txt, rtf, pdf, etc) with video, image, and audio excerpting coming online in Q2 this year, and memos.  It then goes much farther than any competitor by also featuring rich tools for integrating quantitative information, linking this to the qualitative data, and uses these links to further drive its amazing library of powerful interactive data visualizations to help peer through the data in a slew of different ways.  All of this helps Dedoose help you uncover powerful deep patterns in your data that no other tool comes anywhere close.  Additionally since Dedoose is web-based, it works on just about every platform with versions coming to Android and iOS tablets shortly.  Dedoose also supports amazing collaboration features, and is fantastic at multi-site studies.    Finally, we are very confident that you will love Dedoose, therefor sign-up is free, non-committal, includes a month of full access, and your welcome to export ALL of your project data in many different formats.  If you choose to stay with Dedoose we charge $11/month for single user licenses.   Check us out as we need your help! Being organized by a group of University professors we don’t have the deep marketing budgets that the competition has, and therefore we rely on the great feedback from our users to help spread the word.   Thanks!

    ~ JT

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