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    Hi friends!

    I need your help, because I have got some doubts about my experimental design. Look,  I’m unable to set a proper desgn/analysis to my research. Perhaps I got a solution, but I’m not sure and I want gather some experiences of you.

    I have two groups (demented subjects and non demented subjects, both groups are properly balanced) and a researcher applied a test, composed by four different test dimensions, each one with a different number of item scores. And that is the main difficult. You’ll see…

    I need a design with two groups (we can’t manipulate the mental condition so we don’t have two different treatments, but just two attributive conditions). This is the between-groups variable. Besides I considered each test dimension as different repeated measures. This is the within-groups variable. Given each test dimension had a different amount of item scores, I transformed each total score to proportions. So the total score could be compared among dimensions.

    A raw graphical representation could be:

    Groups       measure 1 (test dim. 1)    measure 2 (test dim. 2)    measure 3 (test dim. 3)

    Group 1 (dementia)        Mean Y11            Mean Y12                      Mean  Y13                 

    Group 2 (normal)            Mean Y21            Mean Y22                     Mean  Y23

    The “mean” that I could get is a mean of proportions.

    After that, I applied my design: I chose an split-splot design.

    The Question is: Are you agree with this procedure?


    Thank you!


    please help me!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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